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    Rossi received $10 million from IH. I imagine he spent very little of that on his research or operations. So he kind of made out like a bandit in all of this. He has to keep up the charade like he is actually working on something just for window dressing. But on my last visit to ECW it seems like he is down to a small handful of believers at this point. For most people the show is over.

    The sociological part of it to me is that people want to believe in the guy in the garage who is toiling 24 hours a day to bring a world changing idea to life. I think it makes people feel better about the future. But even people like Edison, Ford, Jobs, Musk etc had many, many people behind them working on those big ideas to bring them to life.

    Individual advice for 1 million customers? Even with only 10% needing advice it would take several call centers to deal with all those questions. The whole "1 million" idea is just nuts.

    Part of me actually thinks AR himself just wants out of all of this. But the ECW fanbase won't let him. As has been pointed out here, $249 for 1 million units is $249 million in pre-orders. Let's just say it, that is not happening. He is not going to get that dollar figure of pre-orders without people being able to see and try the product.

    This all just feels like Steorn and the Orbo, but it is even a bit crazier than that.

    This is from an interview that Frank did with AR. 11 years and it is more of this:

    “About your partners: why do partners not want to disclose their names yet?

    I don’t know.

    What kind of partners do you have?

    We have two important partners. One is a financial partner, and one is a manufacturer.

    But at the moment they are not revealing themselves?

    No, because in this moment, in this situation, they want not to be involved in the controversial discussions that are still around this technology.”

    The same nonsense for 11 years.

    Exactly, to wait 11 years for a presentation like the one that happened today is beyond words. Yes, AR was able to get Levi to produce a validation report, but even Mats Lewan is saying that the numbers are not verifiable. I would actually trust Lewan to verify them more than Levi.

    I wish AR was on to something. And if he really has a major invention, let him get rich and famous off of it. I really don't care who comes up with an energy breakthrough, I just want to see it happen in my lifetime. I expect that the breakthrough we are looking for is still 5-10 years away, and I don't believe there is any chance that it will come from AR. I actually believe it could be in hot fusion, which I know is sacrilege around here, but like I said, I really don't care how it happens.

    I still hold out hope for Brilliant Light Power. I think there is still a justifiable reason to have hope with what they are working on, even though Mills has been at it for 30 years now. At least I can see some form of progress and legitimacy with what they are doing. Just think, Frank said he didn't even get to meet anyone else on AR's team while he was there for this. That says something right there. I am not sure there is, or ever was a team with AR. And people justify it by saying that he needs to hold this amazing invention so close to his vest that he could never allow anyone to steal it. So that is why there is all the secrecy. That is the major driving fear. That is nonsense.

    250kw of continuous steam will be tested in a real world setting for thermal and steam applications. So this is kind of a moment of truth for Brilliant Light (after 25 years). It will be easy to measure the unit's performance against existing ways of producing steam and heat to see which is better.

    I am glad that Mills feels confident enough to put it out there and see if it can hold its own. We have waited a long, long time for this, but it feels like the moment of truth for the Suncell is just about here.

    It's worth visiting the links presented in the comments of this new video.

    Despite the steady progress, the COPs are not huge unfortunately. But still impressive what they do.

    Their test cycles only last up to 5 minutes, probably because their setups are not able to remove the produced heat sufficiently fast. The next important challenge will be to have a 24/7 test running continuously. Maybe the announced pilot will fit such test.

    The one advantage I could see is that some countries like Canada (and a few in Europe) have a carbon tax. So providing heat that doesn't emit any carbon may be of interest to industrial companies there, even if the COP isn't off the charts.

    Quite singular that he’s still well included here and supported at high level.

    Basically AR is creating a light that both plugs into a wall, and needs a battery, as he just posted below. I don’t think he even knows what he has at this point. If he had a breakthrough LED driver of course he could patent it and license it to a dozen large companies. But instead he is choosing the route of making a light himself, and he needs a million preorders first.

    This all makes business sense lol.

    April 28, 2021 at 10:05 PM

    Hi Dr. Rossi,

    In regards to driving an inductive load with the E-cat. Is it possible that the E-cat reaction is fundamentally unable to create electricity capable of driving an inductive load or do you think it is an engineering issue and it will eventually be worked out?

    Andrea Rossi
    April 29, 2021 at 4:06 AM
    Mike Phalen:
    maybe, but the interface with a battery is a solution in most of cases

    The entire Ecat farce is like watching political ads in the states during presidential elections, only it never ends.

    Selling the same con to the same gullible people, Rossi’s schtick is the stuff of legend.

    I agree, but perhaps AR is truly looking for an out with this light. No one on ECW is talking about LENR anymore, the conversation has now completely shifted to discussion of this light.

    And it’s a light that will never be made or delivered to anyone. No money will change hands and AR can just let his followers have this photo of a magical lamp as his goodbye present to them.

    This light is so nonsensical that it’s difficult to analyze it in any serious way.

    There is an existing hundred billion dollar lighting industry. Is AR planning on manufacturing this product to take on GE, Siemens, Philips, Cree and a half dozen other corporations?

    Why did he pick that form factor for the light? Who is this light for? Why does he need a million pre-orders before he can make them? What does this light have to do with his years of supposed work in LENR?

    Does he have a technological breakthrough or a manufacturing breakthrough? If it is technological why is he not licensing it to an existing lighting company, or perhaps an automaker?

    Oh, maybe this will at least be the end of the AR saga. A 1980’s looking light with a cat sticker on it, and it only needs 999,000 more preorders before it can be made. Ugh.

    Just seeing AR use the words “independent third party that is making certification” is enough to make your skin crawl.

    If anything I actually think AR has found a decent exit strategy. The live demo scheduled for November will be pushed back so many times that people will eventually forget about it.

    He will get 70 or 80 pre-orders from his followers on ECW and will simply say that the million orders he needed to begin manufacturing was never reached. He could have said 100,000 pre-orders to make it more interesting, even though that number would have never been reached either.

    I imagine AR isn’t doing anything more than enjoying his retirement down in Florida these days. I don’t think he plans on pulling the sock puppets out of the drawer anytime soon.

    Here is another way:

    Ask AR to make a few dozen SKLed and distribute them for free to major publications. Any product launch involves the distribution of free samples (for independent review) especially when they are cheap. Until then ... this thing smells like SCAM ... and what smells like SCAM is a SCAM

    If AR had a light like he's advertising, he could go to Boeing, an automaker, an indoor farming company etc and they would be happy to talk with him and test it out. If it worked as advertised maybe they would form a partnership with him, and commit to purchasing a large number of them. Perhaps they would even invest capital so that manufacturing could be done at large scale.

    But AR only talks about a mysterious customer, who is likely an associate or off-shoot of AR himself. AR wants the pre-orders emailed into [email protected] That's exactly the same thing he's been doing for years. Almost all of those pre-orders will be coming from the people who read and believe what is written on e-catworld. It just never ends.

    I am laughing now thinking about how once again, Frank Ackland will likely get sucked in to testing the SKLed, just like he got sucked into the Orbo debacle. Weeks of testing a fake device, trying to rationalize why it doesn't work.

    It’s exactly like the Orbo, but instead of a magic box it’s a magic light. Will AR put it up for benchmark testing? Of course not, he needs to sell a million units first.

    LED technology is great with a lot of interesting aspects to how they work. Below is a good place to learn about them, AR’s JONP is not.

    I haven’t followed AR in a long time. But I think this latest series of posts should be a true end to his long years of claiming to have a breakthrough with LENR.

    What is he advertising now? A more efficient LED light that plugs into an outlet. This is a classic bait and switch. Now his followers are excited about more efficient lighting. No gamma rays will be coming off that thing. And it has nothing to do with LENR. Let’s see one of his bulbs tested against other LEDs to see how it performs.

    Dozens of other companies and researchers have been working on producing more efficient LEDs for years. I highly doubt that AR has beaten the field in this area with some new breakthrough.

    If you have a clear message and a distinctive USP (unique selling proposition) I am sure customers will show up.

    That said, do WE know of a clear USP of this tech and what would that be? If WE were customers, are we convinced?

    I think this is the issue in general with the breakthroughs people want to see with LENR or what Mills is doing, and what the applications would be.

    I have seen it posted many times that the company or person who created and commercialized these breakthroughs would be the richest in the world. So let’s look at who is the richest person in the world. It’s Elon Musk. He made breakthroughs with battery design and put them into cars as his main application. He essentially did what many people on these different forums have been discussing as a hypothetical.

    Tesla is also making major gains in grid level battery storage, and home Powerwalls. Tesla had a profit last year of about $700 million and yet its market cap is over $800 billion. This means that people believe that Tesla will rival Apple as the most valuable company in the world, even though its current profits are nothing like Apple’s.

    I once heard Musk say that there is enough solar energy hitting about 15% of the State of Kansas in a given year to provide all of the energy needs of the entire U.S. Tesla still has a ways to go on solar (their purchase of SolarCity hasn’t quite paid off). But at least in the lab researchers are now seeing solar efficiencies above 25%.

    If you watched Musk at Tesla’s most recent battery day, and the projections he was making, it’s not hard to see that the combination of batteries and solar over the next decade could be all that people need. Essentially the technologies already exist to solve our problems, they just need to be pushed a bit further.

    It’s always easier to push existing technologies further than to come up with some radical breakthrough that knocks everything else out. Could Mills or someone else come up with some breakthrough? Maybe, and I think it would be cool to watch it unfold if they did.

    But the money today is on batteries and solar, and also wind in certain areas. And when we say “money” we are talking hundreds of billions of dollars in investment capital, with much more to come.

    I definitely see it differently. Here is an article below about what Tesla is trying to put together. Basically everything they do is focused on bring the cost of battery technology and manufacturing down. Yes, they make fancy sports cars, but their larger goal is to make a battery powered car that will sell for $25,000 in 3 years. To me that is ambitious and would be a great engineering achievement.

    I agree with you on the competition, and that Tesla still needs 3 years to pull this off. That means Volkswagen and Toyota will have three years to achieve the same thing.

    But Tesla has put a lot of money into its supercharging networks. They have a lead there, and that will come into play.

    While the larger tabless batteries that they unveiled yesterday are just a single engineering step forward, it's steps like these that get us slowly into the future.

    Musk made his bet on electric cars, solar, and batteries for grid level storage. Those are good bets right now. You could say he was right. They are the ones that are coming to fruition.

    I want an energy breakthrough like everyone else here, but until someone can commercially produce that breaktrhough, batteries and solar are some of the the best solutions we have.…attery-puzzle-innovation/

    it would be nice to see Randy do another public presentation and demonstration of this (well perhaps no live audience with Covid). But a livestream demo with questions. BrLP has done this many times before and then they tend to go dark for a bit.

    But I think the setup and reaction they are describing here would generate a lot of interest. There is more power density in this reaction. That’s what people want to see.

    I think this is a serious problem given that there are such a large number of cases and the test results are taking too long to come back for many people. We should be much more intense with testing and tracing. Right now the virus just continues to spread in the U.S. unabated. It's just running through the population in many States. Over 1k deaths today. Unreal.