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  • He was being facetious, I hope. Jezz Jed you crack me up. Sooooo serious. Thanks for my morning belly laugh.

  • Which "Big Tech"? Is there a reason given, such as the author withdrawing it, or copyright violation?

    You will find no positive HCQ study on google today. Just try it yourself. You will find hundreds of fake studies e.g. payed by Gilead that look at the classical potemkin setup with severely ill patients on HCQ only...

    The mountain of evidence for a need to dissolve some highly criminal big pharma like Gilead Pfizer just becomes to be overwhelming!

  • North Dakota now has the most COVID cases per capita, and the hospitals and ICUs are overwhelmed. This was 100% predictable. The government is Republican and it refuses to take any steps to combat the pandemic, mandate masks, or stop superspreader events such as the Sturgis Motorcycle rally, that directly or indirectly killed hundreds of people, in states smaller than one urban county in Georgia. In GOP states such as Georgia there is virtually no case tracking, warning or quarantine, but in counties with mask mandates, there are about half as many cases and deaths. The Dakotas have nothing -- no public health measures at all. It is a control experiment to see how many people are maimed or killed when you do nothing to stop the disease. There is an extreme shortage of doctors and nurses. The governor, who is a homicidal idiot like Georgia governor Kemp, suggested a plan to pour gasoline on the fire. He thinks that nurses should be allowed to work even if they test positive for COVID-19, as long as they exhibit no symptoms.

    North Dakota allows Covid-positive healthcare workers to stay on job as nurses warn it's 'irresponsible'…job-record-surge-n1247487

    Imagine you are on an airplane, preparing to take off. The pilot comes on the intercom. "Folks, some of you have noticed flames and smoke pouring out of the starboard engine. Don't worry about that. We have no indicator lights here in the cockpit showing any troubles. So we are cleared for take-off! Have a nice flight."

  • You will find no positive HCQ study on google today. Just try it yourself.

    Yeah? The search term "positive HCQ study" gives 4.8 million responses. Here the first ones:

    About 4,890,000 results (0.56 seconds)

    Search Results

    Web results

    Study Finds Positive Results For Hydroxychloroquine | Kaiser ... › morning-breakout › study-finds-positive-res...

    Jul 6, 2020 — Whether or not the anti-malarial drug is effective has been a controversial question since President Donald Trump began hyping it in March.

    Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate Significantly › 2020/07 › hydro-treatment-study
    Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine Cut Death Rate Significantly in COVID-19 Patients, Henry Ford Health System Study Shows. July 02, 2020. DETROIT ...‎WHIP COVID-19 Study · ‎Hydroxychloroquine An Open ... · ‎Marcus Zervos

    Observational Study of Hydroxychloroquine in Hospitalized ... › doi › full › nejmoa2012410

    Jun 18, 2020 — Abstract Background Hydroxychloroquine has been widely administered to patients with Covid-19 without robust evidence supporting its J Geleris · ‎2020 · ‎Cited by 744 · ‎Related articles

    Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19: What do the clinical trials ... › covid-19 › hydroxychloroquine-for-c...Apr 14, 2020 — Robin E Ferner*, Jeffrey K Aronson. On behalf of the Oxford COVID-19 Evidence Service Team Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Nuffield ...

    Effect of hydroxychloroquine with or without azithromycin on ... › fulltext

    Aug 26, 2020 — Study eligibility criteria. We included published and unpublished studies comparing the mortality rate between patients treated with chloroquine T Fiolet · ‎Cited by 15
    Introduction · ‎Statistical analysis · ‎Results · ‎Discussion

    Some of these studies are negative or inconclusive, but many are positive. So what the hell are you talking about? Did you actually try this, or did you just make up that bullshit and post it here? You should realize there is no point to posting outrageous nonsense when anyone can see it nonsense in 0.56 seconds. Who are you trying to fool?

  • He was being facetious, I hope.

    Maybe, maybe not. A lot of people yowl about government IDs. They post messages about in on their cell phones. Which allows the the phone companies to track them as easily as the Chinese Government tracks people. At a profit!

    Jezz Jed you crack me up. Sooooo serious.

    Not serious, but I cut my teeth programming stuff like that, keeping track of municipal data and barcode transactions. Ask me how to do it and I will spec out the project in a half hour. A COVID CLEAR CARD project would have been a piece of cake in 1978, done properly.

  • In my opinion this is the smoking gun and please, save the rtc crap!

    The Role of Vitamin D in The Age of COVID-19: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis…101/2020.06.05.20123554v3

    Conclusion This study found that the mean serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D level was low in all COVID-19 patients, and most of them were suffering from vitamin D deficiency/insufficiency. The Caucasian was the dominant ethnic group, and the most frequent co-morbidities in COVID-19 patients were hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, obesity, and respiratory diseases, which might be affected by vitamin D deficiency directly or indirectly.

  • The Moderna vaccine test results with 30,000 people should be announced by the end of the month. The results have to be independently reviewed. Fauci says that if the Pfizer results hold up, that will be good news for Moderna, which uses a similar mRNA technique. See:…vember-results/index.html

    The only problem with these mRNA vaccines is that they require cryogenic shipping and storage. That complicates things, and increases the cost. UPS and others are preparing to deal with that. See the article and photo here:


    If two or more vaccines are approved, hospitals and pharmacies will have to keep track of which one each patient gets, because patients will need a booster shot, and it has to be the same kind as the first shot. Also because they want to keep track of the efficacy and side effects of each type of vaccine. That also complicates matters a little. It has to be national database so that people who get the first shot in a pharmacy or hospital one place, and then go elsewhere for the booster, can have the record of the first one available. Needless to say, a national database would never have been implemented by the Trump administration, but I am sure Biden's people will see to it. Trump has done nothing and will do nothing to stop the virus. Georgia has done nothing, except to make things worse by forcing workers back to dangerous jobs while blocking mandatory masks rules. Pouring gasoline on the fire. So we can't depend on states or the present Federal government.

    It is ironic that Trump's son in law Kushner proposed a comprehensive test plan and others responses to COVID-19 in March and April. Fauci said the plan was "music to my ears." It was just what the doctor ordered (literally). Someone in the White House put the kibosh on the program, reportedly because they thought the pandemic was only hurting Blue states. If they have followed through and done that project, I expect Trump would have be re-elected easily. See:

    How Jared Kushner’s Secret Testing Plan “Went Poof Into Thin Air”

    "This spring, a team working under the president’s son-in-law produced a plan for an aggressive, coordinated national COVID-19 response that could have brought the pandemic under control. So why did the White House spike it in favor of a shambolic 50-state response?"…n-went-poof-into-thin-air

  • Did you actually try this, or did you just make up that bullshit and post it here? You should realize there is no point to posting outrageous nonsense when anyone can see it nonsense in 0.56 seconds.

    Calm down Jed... it was only a Wyttenfact!

    Best to just take a deep breath and think happy thoughts, rather than get yourself into an eternal game of whack-a-mole, where your sanity is the mallet, and the only prizes on offer are insults.

  • Without an RCT, how do you know that Vitamin D levels aren't similarly low in non-covid 'patients' too?

    Ive been posting on vitamin d for sometime now. You just have to follow the evidence. Its all been posted.

    Now just to fill in a little the WHO has for years issued vitamin d deficenccy as a world pandemic. I've posted NIH study's of the vital importance of vitamin D in imune system function. I posted the hope simpson study on solar activity and pandemics, study's showing how patients fare that are deficent vs satisfactory. What more do you or any other skeptics want???

  • Jed some good news coming out of Ga.

    Doctor using Vitamin D to support COVID-19 patients

    That is good. It is the sort of thing that can't hurt and might help. If theory predicts some benefit, all the better.

    I took part in a multi-year study at Emory U. to see whether Vitamin D helps avoid colon cancer. The study concluded that it has no effect. Not positive, and not negative. But there seems to be no harm to taking the stuff. First, do no harm!

    The Emory study called for rather painful exams once or twice a year. The lady doctor warned me: "the most dangerous side effect from this procedure is that the hospital will send you a bill. Call me anytime day or night if that happens." Following the exam they gave me a $50 bill, which I spent at Atlanta's Original House of Pancakes nearby, which is the most colorful, eccentric and amusing restaurant in the city.

    The only problem with HCQ as far as I know is that it can cause harm in some patients. If you could take large amounts with no known harm, as you can with Vit. D or Vit. C, why not?

  • the WHO has for years issued vitamin d deficenccy as a world pandemic.

    Hence why, you cannot just look at covid patients and assume that only they have low vitamin D levels. Surely you understand the necessity of control groups when trying to study any effect? If you don’t, its really not worth discusiing things further. Or are you Andre Rossi in disguise? Jk.

    What do I (and presumably other) skeptics want? Isn't it obvious by now? RCTs! ...As opposed to flippant statements like “save the rct crap”.

    Although I can understand why believers don’t like RCTs, after all they do have the annoying habit of disproving their beliefs with some finality - for example, see every HCQ RCT ever done: No positive effect has been shown, so believers have to resort to emotive statements such as “doctors are murderers” or “scientists hate Trump so much they ignore ‘evidence’ that it works”.

    When really they are the only people ignoring (not only) the evidence, but the scientific method as well.

    But yeah, if you’re not blessed with (/evolved enough to have) the ginger gene. By all means, take vitamin D. Its not gonna hurt.

  • The only problem with these mRNA vaccines is that they require cryogenic shipping and storage.

    No only the one that wanted to be first... Moderna works with a normal fridge!

    But yeah, if you’re not blessed with (/evolved enough to have) the ginger gene. By all means, take vitamin D. Its not gonna hurt.

    Not at all the all mighty good... Look at: or also Vitamin D and Influenza.pdf doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.19722

  • With all the evidence maybe you should be asking why rtc haven't been done. No conspiriacy intended

  • Fair enough Wyttenbach, not only will “it not hurt” but likely has some benefits as well. But the study you linked to is hardly the most persuasive of evidence, the authors discussing at best “mixed but promising” results.

    FM1, re VitD RCTs, I guess due to being on the wrong side of the balance between available funding, the likelyhood of demonstrating a decent effect, other competing compounds, and the fact that yes, it does make sense to hand out vitamin D to every patient without all the fuss.

    But let us try not to elevate it to the status of magic bullet without the proper evidence. After all, if we’re all necking vitamin D, we must be safe!!! Why bother with masks, isolation, vaccines, voting out the incompetent, etc etc.

  • But let us try not to elevate it to the status of magic bullet without the proper evidence.

    V-D is by far no single treatment/Drug for CoV-19 patients. May be its to late even with ultra high doses 15'000Iu's as tried in an other paper and intravenous. The best finding is that among people with a cytokine storm all have low V-D and most patient not going to ICU are higher.

    It's the same with zinc as JulianBianchi - deeply involved posted some months ago already. All tested positive are ultra low in zinc. But whether this is a consequence of the infection or a reason it happened needs a more deep study - what luckily would be quite unethical as placebo people could face a death risk for missing a piece of zinc with few cents value...

    So RCT as many ask here is most of the time unethical. Evidence base medicine is enough as the

    last 6000 years do show.

  • I think one source said that mRNA vaccines require cryogenic storage.

    Cryogenic is completely correct for Pfizer/BioNTech. That's why Moderna did need a bit more time to work around with a stabilization. So the first vaccine will certainly be a long time looser...Something the Pfizer GEO certainly new when he sold his stock just in peak time....