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    Correction of vitamin D insufficiency is commonly achieved using oral vitamin D supplements. The Endocrine Society guidelines suggest that daily intake of 1,500 to 2,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D is necessary to achieve serum 25(OH)D concentrations consistently >30 ng/mL in adults (18). However, adherence to daily doses has been reported to be low in several large clinical trials (1). Poor adherence has been associated with difficulty swallowing combined vitamin D/calcium tablets, gastrointestinal (GI) side-effects (21), the number of concurrent treatments a patient is receiving, and the patient’s attitude towards vitamin D supplementation (22). Vitamin D given as a large bolus dose has demonstrated higher adherence rates compared with daily and monthly dosing regimens, and has the potential to yield sustained improvements in serum 25(OH)D and parathyroid hormone (PTH) concentrations (23). The sustained effect of high-dose vitamin D may be attributed to its long half-life.

  • Not funny. Lots of people believe that kind of crap, such as the ones who think that RFID (IFF) tags are a deep state conspiracy to keep track of us.

    I'll bet you were not joking. You sound like Trump after he suggested injecting disinfectants. Oh, it was just a joke, he said, but anyone can see it was not. I'll bet you seriously thought this might be used to monitor people, and I'll bet you do not know the first thing about how something like COVID passes would work. Whereas I sure as hell do know. I have been designing systems like that since 1978. I can list a dozen reasons why that would not work, and why no one would use this to track people. For one thing, we already have a perfect system for tracking people -- cell phone data. Anyone with who subscribes to the data can follow any citizen, including the President, which the New York Times did for a month. They published a map showing where he went. You just pay the phone companies and they deliver the goods. I expect China and Russia are subscribers. There are no laws limiting what the phone companies do with the data, or who they sell it to, or what their customers do with it. The data is supposed to be anonymous but any programmer knows how to locate a specific individual in it. It is a piece of cake. Just start at the person's house!

    And there you go again with the politics! Calling this "Blue Think." What garbage. This is not political. This is Science Think. By calling it "Blue Think" (Democratic party think), YOU are politicizing science. You are the problem here. Frankly, you should be ashamed of yourself. Claiming that science, rationality and technology are somehow political, or the province of the Democratic party, is a dangerous political trend. Unfortunately, in Trump versus Biden, you are right. Trump has been radically anti-science. Unlike any president in history. Even Washington came out strongly in favor of science. The Republican party has been as supportive of science & technology as the Democrats, and I wish they would get back to that tradition.


    He is a loudmouth overbearing arrogant pompous insecure narcissist, I did not vote for him the 1st time and I un-elected him this time.

    Did you switch to decaf this morning?

  • Everyone is at risk. There are 181,000 new cases in the U.S. today, and 1,400 deaths.

    This is blank nonsense: You should read also the positive news from time to time. But the USA is potentially the worst country in the world regarding public health with an estimated 40% of people at risk due to obesity, diabetes high blood pressure, breathing problems etc...

    The disproportionate focus on treatment with HCQ, in addition to the lack of a strong scientific rationale for its use and the risk of its potentially harmful effects, has major opportunity costs.

    This is a highly corrupt individual that with all rhetoric tricks tries to tease the mass of doctors. See below the subtle detail - mentioning "clinical care". Not home/out patient care!!!

    that the drug is without merit in clinical care for COVID-19 and presents real dangers to patients by its continued use.

    My answer is simple the Yale school is heavily financed by the mafia:

    Under an agreement with the School of Medicine, Gilead agreed to provide $40 million over four years to support research to identify novel targets and new drugs for cancer therapy.…artner-for-better-health/

  • This is blank nonsense: You should read also the positive news from time to time. But the USA is potentially the worst country in the world regarding public health with an estimated 40% of people at risk due to obesity, diabetes high blood pressure, breathing problems etc...

    and what makes it worse, no national health policy to address it!!! Mcdonald's employs lots of tax payers

  • Mcdonald's employs lots of tax payers

    That's the end of society when the slaves also have to pay the taxes...

    But isn't it interesting that the world wide Rotary/FM controlled press never mentions Ivermectin? This is classical FM knowledge that says : Even mentioning it could prove it exists and people would ask: What for?

    So please learn: Chief doctors no longer practice. Their goal is to organize money, even more money for party and fun. If somebody from the top (see above Yale medical school of health) talks then currently you can 1000% sure he will lie for his profits. Why do we now see dozens of Mengeles just popping up? In my view all these persons are mass murders or support mass murder.

    About the tenth paper which shows that Ivermectin even helps the people in ICU! I will post it every week again!

    Controlled randomized clinical trial on using Ivermectin with Doxycycline for treating COVID-19 patients in Baghdad, Iraq.pdf

  • Another quick note to Dominic C : please tell those tossers (Viagra manufacturers) at Pfizer to start manufacturing ANTI-BAT! They consistently ignored another UCL invention using 'inhibitors of ADP-ribosylation' to treat cholera and a host of other now anti-biotic resistant bacterial infections. A Canadian Professor is now developing this. Idiots. What a lost opportunity to make bundles of cash! Anyway please don't waste this one too, start thinking with your brains rather than following what the media says! And BIDEN is an idiot too!

  • Here is a tweet from Georgia's latest homicidal politician, newly elected. As she says, "In GA, we work out, shop, go to restaurants, go to work, and school without masks." All true. And by doing so, we infect others, overwhelm the hospitals, and die in large numbers.

    She also believes in the Qanon conspiracy.

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    Someone here questioned whether people are politicizing masks. This is your answer.

  • Georgia has about 2,909 ICU beds. Based on best available data, we estimate that 72% (2,080) are currently occupied by non-COVID patients. Of the 829 ICU beds remaining, we estimate 588 are needed by COVID cases, or 71% of available beds.

    they just love there estimated figures = wild guessing.

    You did not finish the quote. It goes on to say:

    "This suggests hospitals cannot absorb a wave of new COVID infections without substantial surge capacity. Aggressive action urgently needed."

    That is what the graph shows.

    This is not wild guessing. These are figures from the Dept. of Health and the hospitals. This has been reported in the local media. It is an "estimate" only in the sense that ICU beds open and close all day long, and you can never be sure of the exact total.

    All authoritative sources agree there is an ICU crisis. Plus, the medical staff is overstretched, stressed and will soon have to begin triage.

    See also:…b=trend&resource=icu_beds

  • This study from Florida has similar results with the iranian study on ivermectin

    Use of Ivermectin Is Associated With Lower Mortality in Hospitalized Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019…-3692(20)34898-4/fulltext

    Two hundred eighty patients, 173 treated with ivermectin and 107 without ivermectin, were reviewed. Most patients in both groups also received hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, or both. Univariate analysis showed lower mortality in the ivermectin group (15.0% vs 25.2%; OR, 0.52; 95% CI, 0.29-0.96; P = .03). Mortality also was lower among ivermectin-treated patients with severe pulmonary involvement (38.8% vs 80.7%; OR, 0.15; 95% CI, 0.05-0.47; P = .001). No significant differences were found in extubation rates (36.1% vs 15.4%; OR, 3.11; 95% CI, 0.88-11.00; P = .07) or length of stay. After multivariate adjustment for confounders and mortality risks, the mortality difference remained significant (OR, 0.27; 95% CI, 0.09-0.80; P = .03). One hundred ninety-six patients were included in the propensity-matched cohort. Mortality was significantly lower in the ivermectin group (13.3% vs 24.5%; OR, 0.47; 95% CI, 0.22-0.99; P < .05), an 11.2% (95% CI, 0.38%-22.1%) absolute risk reduction, with a number needed to treat of 8.9 (95% CI, 4.5-263).

  • yup its called estimated figures = wild guessing .. get hacked... post crap, then retract it later. repeat.

    I repeat: it is NOT a wild guess. All other authoritative sources in Georgia agree with it.

    You are the one posting a "wild guess" here. You do not know what you are talking about, but you are awfully sure of yourself despite that. Because of it, I guess. The Dunning Kruger effect at work.

  • no jed its because hydroxychloroquine + works.

    Okay, so you seem to be saying the number of ICU beds is wrong because you think hydroxychloriquine works. I don't see how that could magically affect the number of beds. So I guess you are saying those beds are not really needed. Except, unfortunately, the doctors don't agree with you and they are not administering that drug. If it turns out you are right, that would be tragic. But I think there is little chance of that.

    With either interpretation of your weird statement, that does not make the number of beds a "wild estimate."

  • no again jed the posted info was from the website for Georgia available data, we estimate-- estimated figures = wild guessing .. get hacked... post crap, then retract it later. repeat.

  • Reminiscent of the reaction Pons and Fleischman received from Academia and establishment journals. No one is forcing health care providers to use HCQ in early Covid - on the contrary, regulatory agencies are restricting them from using it. This should be freely chosen, not coerced.

    The signatories and those who agree with them are free to refuse HCQ treatment.

    Some new ivermectin results --

    Efficacy and Safety of Ivermectin for Treatment and prophylaxis of COVID-19 Pandemic

    Benha University Breakthrough: Randomized Controlled Trial Shows Ivermectin Effective for Treating COVID-19 & as Prophylaxis…-covid-19-as-prophylaxis/