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    Wow! The scientific study of these mummies seem to indicate they are authentic and unlike any lifeform known to exist on this planet.

    The most impressive aspect in my opinion is that one of the smaller mummies contains what appear to be eggs -- one of which has a visible embryo inside.

    The PET scans performed on these creatures are AWESOME. I really think these mummies could represent some sort of extraterrestrial lifeform that lived among humans approximately 1700 years ago.

  • For the reason why (and it's a good reason, to keep off religion and politics from the forum) I will not go into detail.

    But, I must say, "Merry Christmas" is a cargo cult ... and it's EVERYWHERE in these days.

    MODs, forgive me, but this must be said:

    SOL INVICTUS. It's winter solstice.

    Day's are getting longer again. Just an improper calender tanslation/correction from 25th to 21th.

    That's all. That can be measured. There are formulars. Fundamental laws of physics. Newton, Einstein and others.

    There are predictions, that can be proved.

    That's a scientific fact.

    Posted with intension to "The Playground". I hope it will be read anyway by somebody.

    On the other way: forgive me, I'm drunk :-)

  • It's also a providential coincidence that the next ICCF will be in Assisi, which is the birthplace of the Capuchin friars (which gave the name to the knot) and has a ancient tradition in embroidery.

    Translated from http://www.festivaldelmedioevo…al/il-bestiario-ricamato/ :

    The embroidered bestiary

    The embroidery in Punto Assisi, born in the Middle Ages, tells of myths and legends. For the fabulous events that evokes and for the references to the classical world from which his subjects rise, it is a timeless art that populates cushions, tablecloths and bedspreads of creatures poised between reality and fantasy and imprisons them in refined geometric architectures with a taste Byzantine.

    Leocorns, griffins and leopards, hippocampus, eagles and peacocks mix their features in striking anatomical alchemies and stand out against white ruby and sapphire backgrounds, the traditional colors of embroidery.


    Imagine how much excess heat can be reached by a cushion full of fabulous unicorns embroidered in striking anatomical alchemies by using constantan wire! :)

  • did Ascoli65 read the Celani et al paper?.. in 48 minutes..

    No, I spent all that time looking for a suitable page that tells myths and legends evoked by knots and embroidery.

    Do you need to read a paper claiming improvements in nuclear AHE by making knot along a wire to jump to the conclusion that you are deep in the fantastic world of Foamyland?

  • Standard model physics is fantasy land. May be you did stay there too long.

    As for fantasy land, yes, I wandered throughout it for a long time, more precisely 8 years, since the January 2011 Ecat demo in Bologna. However, you don't need standard model physics to orientate yourself among the prodigies which you encounter in Foamyland. Elementary physics and mathematics and usual common sense is more than enough. When you meet someone speaking about physics models, standard or not, you can be sure you are going in the wrong way.


    Go back and study magnetism and you might understand why knots work different than straight wires.

    The difference is well known since the beginning of the human civilization. Making knots were more effective to catch preys.


    This practice is strictly tied to "magnetism", i.e. the art of eating, from Italian "magnare", a regional variant of "mangiare" (to eat), very popular in Italy. From the same root, it comes also "magnificence", from Latin "magnum" "facere", i.e. to make somebody big, by means of eating a lot. :)


    But may be we overestimate your skills by magnitudes.

    Oh no. As every Italian, I'm very skilled in this matter by almost daily "magnitudes" of winded and knotted special wires:

    (For a longer sequence: )

    Anyway, jokes aside, is it your physics model really able to explain the improved nuclear performances of Celani's knotted wires?

  • Oh no. As every Italian, I'm very skilled in this matter by almost daily "magnitudes" of winded and knotted special wires:


    Anyway, jokes aside, is it your physics model really able to explain the improved nuclear performances of Celani's knotted wires?

    There was once a mathematical problem (supposedly now solved) of the impossibility of spaghetti noodles mixing with some sort of cylindrical-shaped pasta of some not-much-larger in diameter arriving at a point where many of the larger noodles contained a spaghetti noodle passing through them longitudinally as a result of random boiling which was countered by the surprisingly frequent occurrence of said phenomenon in a unit volume of boiled pasta. The problem was known as the Noodle Insertion Problem .... which makes it a nuisance to search the web for the term.

  • 8.00 am in Italia bonjourno ..

    from 2.00 am ?? hours of foamy dreams

    make a video.

    Good morning to you, Robert. No foamy dreams this night?

    Well, in the meanwhile, I've prepared a list of videos where you can find 30 years of foamy dreams!     

    Ascolian foamology from the Italian blogosphere.

    Magnetism is from the Greek magnes lithos which the Latins adopted as magnes

    said to be from the lodestones found at Magnesia on the Meander River.

    Really? Are you sure? Isn't the Magnesia that sort of remedy you take after having eat (It. magnato) too much? :)


  • It has been said many times that Lewan and Acland make money from their persistence in support of the ecat. I doubt it very much unless they get paid by Rossi for which a) there is no evidence and b) it's not Rossi's usual style.

    It isn't possible to make much from Google click through ads unless the volume is truly gigantic (millions of clicks). It works really well for viral videos and pop star web sites. It can't work for an obscure free energy-supporting site which I suspect has comparatively few viewers. And book authors like Lewan make a dollar or two per copy. How many do you think he sold? Judging from the number of reviews and experience I had with other authors selling on Amazon, I'd guess a few hundred at most. But suppose it was 5000 (extremely improbable) over four years. That's hardly enough to keep Lewan's family in hamburgers for a week or so.

    My point is, I don't think either of these people does it for money. I think they are very misguided but genuinely sincere.