Demonstration of the E-Cat QX - 24 November - Summary thread

  • yup, it looks at the minute 2:31:19 sound and gesture are clear.

  • We all know it is easy to make measuring of COP for this E-Cat. The question is why it´s not done?

    All what we want see are facts. And what is now with sigma 5? Rossi have pantents for e-cat and Rossi effect, why he is hiding facts? There is no reason to do this. He is hiding facts since 6 years. Why? Why no busines with e-cat?

  • Poor Lewan. He has not discovered the voltmeter and the oscilloscope yet. Has someone told him that his tongue is even more sensitive than his hands for detecting EMF's?


    Mats Lewan  psi2u219 hours ago

    I was about to touch the metal parts connecting the reactor, but Rossi stopped me. Knowing that 240V would have been needed across the reactor if it had a resistance that would consume enough power to account for the thermal power, I thought that I could feel if there was such a high voltage and not just millivolts. But maybe Rossi know about the ignition spikes and realised I could be hurt.

    (from ECW)


    yup, it looks at the minute 2:31:19 sound and gesture are clear.

    Rossi is an old dog who can not change his tricks.

    April 28, 2011-- (same sh*t):…er_embedded&v=uviXoafHWrU


    He is hiding facts since 6 years. Why? Why no busines with e-cat?

    Aw, come on... give it your BEST guess...

  • No matter how good the experiment the skeptics will stick to their belief that Rossi is a fraud until working units are on sale.

    Most of the people you call "skeptics" (such as me) are convinced that cold fusion is real. We were convinced by experiments alone. There are no working units on sale. So, what you say is completely wrong. Thousands of people believe cold fusion is real but they do not believe Rossi. You ignore all of these people.

    If Rossi had done a proper experiment proving his devices are real, he would have gotten $100 million from I.H. By now hundreds of thousands of people would believe his claims. He could get billions of dollars more for the other world markets. As you see in the Penon report, he did a terrible experiment instead. A farce. Many tests were done prior to that by I.H. and others. They showed no sign of excess heat. In one case, Rossi's calorimetry showed excess heat in an empty cell. Unless you claim that air produces excess heat, that was a mistake. Instead of improving his methods, Rossi was angry when they showed him the cell was empty.

  • What is the role of the plasma? Is it necessary for the generation of the excess heat or is it a byproduct of the heat?

    The plasma is called a cold dusty plasma because it supports the production of nanoparticles. In the plasma a cycle of nanoparticle formation, then excitation, then melting back to plasma is maintained. The first part of the cycle, the nanoparticles are excited by the high voltage arc, they then produce the LENR reaction, and they finally melt back down into a plasma. In this way, the reactor is continually melting down and then cooling back down to the nanoparticle condinsation state.

    The same process of nanoparticle formation, melting and reformation happens in the SunCell where the nanoparticles form at the edge of the plasma ball. The nanoparticles then are activated by the arch and return to the plasma state.

    The temperature of the plasma is a function of the material used to form the nanoparticles. It is my guess that the aluminum is material that supports nanoparticle formation. The boiling point of aluminum is 2470C. Which seems to be the median temperature that the QX runs at.

    Mills uses silver which boils at 2162C.

    When Mills used tungsten, the SunCell ran far too hot at 6000C. The SunCell containment structure deteriorated under this high heat and eventually failed.

    This process of high temperature plasma ball formation (ball lightning) was researched by Ken Shoulders and the plasma balls that contained the nanoparticle clusters are called EVO.

    See this post for more background

    The process by which the proton decays in LENR

  • I did say before I went that this demo (not a test) would prove very little. It could no be any other way in 2 hours and with not visibly independent test/measurement.

    Seems from 6:52 to 19:30 in the video presentation, they mis-spelled

    the word "demo" in the phrase "demo protocol".

    In fact, they only got one letter right.

    The "e" after the "T" and before "st".

  • LesLes

    La section expérimentale de l'article de Gullström-Rossi décrit sommairement un appareil en principe semblable à celui de la démonstration, où il y avait:

    Rossi should improve this device's stage by probably using a central wire and external wall of QX to switch 2 old nickel rods.

    In all cases, he's new device should run because already patented by Lipinski see: P66/90

  • Like in this moment (see around 2:31 mark Rossi flipping switch INSIDE the case of controller box.)? Well there would be lot of opportunities to do many manually or automatically (controller could automatically switch mode by sensing the load impedance/resistance ratio. QX containing Resistor+Capacitor or Coil and MATS used just resistors, ).

    What he said after 2:31:19 (in Italian) was interesting, but I think he simply toggled the main switch of the power supply.

    Pictures from…emo-in-stockholm-cop-550/


  • There are no working units on sale. So, what you say is completely wrong. Thousands of people believe cold fusion is real but they do not believe Rossi. You ignore all of these people.

    No Jed. What I specifically said was hat no skeptics (like you) would believe any experiment done by Rossi. That you would only believe he had something once he had working units for sale.

    As far as I can tell you don't believe any Ni/H system works.

  • Paradigmnoia

    Try to internet-translate this excerpt that I transcribed starting from 1:32:54 in the video:

  • Based of the theory provided in post 388, I beleive that the temperature of the plasma in the QX varies based on the point in time in the nanoparticle formation cycle when the temperature is taken. If the temperature was blackbody, then the spectrum would constantly change as the temperature of the plasma cycled. Rossi is assuming a constant temperature which is incorrect. The spectrum of the plasma should show intense UV light generation just as happens in the Mills SunCell. The SunCell and the QX use the same reaction mechanisms and behave the same.

    To draw a point of comparison, one of my favorite dusty plasma systems is this:



    Klimov A., Grigorenko A., Efimov A., Sidorenko M.,Soloviev A., Tolkunov B., Evstigneev N., Ryabk ov O

    This system also uses aluminum that is vaporized in an electric arc. The vapor forms nanoparticles as the vapor produced by the arc cools whereupon the EMF from the arch activates and excites the nanoparticles wherein the LENR reaction sets in.

  • HID headlamps typically use from 35 to 55 W, so that right in the ballpark for a plasma in the 0.6 cm x 0.08 cm range.

    Use of cm instead of mm is supported by the exponent shift of the Stefan-Boltzmann constant from 10-8 to 10-12 due to using cm2 instead of m2 for the equation as described by Rossi after 2:27:00 in the video.