Covid-19 (WuFlu) News

  • To allow it for doctors who want to use it at their will probably I would not allow it

    the cdc advises..…OP30lNVtTLvWCxZT5dcbB4MuM

    "Both adults and children should take one dose of hydroxychloroquine per week starting at least 1 week

    before traveling to the area where malaria transmission occurs.

    They should take one dose per week while there, and for 4 consecutive weeks after leaving.

    The weekly dosage for adults is 310mg base (400mg salt).

    I would have no problem taking HCQ as a prophylactic.... wth zinc.. if I went to Covid transmission areas like Stockholm or Melbourne.

    At my age and indolence level I have a 1% chance of being killed by Covid.. but an unknown chance of significant/serious cardiac, respiratory etc sequelae if I live.

    if Arlanda airport searchs arrivals for HCQ,

    I would take quercetin instead;)

    I would however make sure to have my books clear about what science says

    Covidanalysis is one source of current info. on HCQ

    mortality based...running totals... morbid sequelae unknown... 65 studies.... lots of reading

    also a recent study..

  • Re

    That graphic looks very persuasive, but I notice countries missing:

    Peru (does use HCQ, 576/million)

    New Zealand, iceland (don't use HCQ, pretty well zero)

    Cherry-picking? Or just continental effects?

    In addition: while HCQ is normally pretty safe, it has strong immunomodulatory effects, so the RCT evidence that it actually (slightly) increases mortailty in anyone who progresses to severe cytokine storm COVID is plausible.

    It has a somatic lifetime of 30 days or so, therefore if you take it as prophylatic and do get severe COVID you may be worse off, even though you will naturally stop as soon as it is clear you have symptoms.

    Of course, that might be more than balanced by an anti-viral prophylactic effect. Let us hope we get real evidence on this soon.


  • Age-old drug to rein in corona?

    Read more at:


    "Discussing the role of 'ivermectin' in treating Covid-19 at a national webinar on Monday,

    Dr Suryakant, president, Indian College of Allergy, Asthma and Applied Immunology, who was a keynote speaker,

    said that the medical fraternity is perplexed why the powerful pharma industry is not exploring the efficacy of 'ivermectin' which is available at just50 Rupees.

  • Here is another speculation consider a spread that is localized as in starting with a single hotspot. And compare where you spread a lot of hotspots regions randomly selected. In the first case a neighbouring prisitne cluster has only one border to the hotspot. But when it is evenly spread you find that there is many borders to a untouched cluster that have had a an outbreak hence higher probability to get infected. So in a sense a larger outbreak is more likely to continue triggering new cluster outbreak than small one with just a single or just a few isolated single outbreaks. This might be the reason you see faster decay in small outbreaks than large ones. Now the interaction surfaces in a society is much more complex than a simple map, but the principle is still a valid argument.

  • Hmm Looks like a lot of deats curve has a linear decay many times. then the number of death is A h**2. So we sould compare the A ti see the differeces betwee countries. And h is country normalised death per capita

    Sweden h**2 = 100

    Denmark h**2 = 16

    Essentially 6x as is the number of deaths in sweden compared to denmark. So very similar. What about Norway?

    irregular curve but around

    Norway h**2 = 7

    das stimt with death rates. hnm what about UK.

    UK h**2 = 110 and again it is coherren. among many countries A is constant. So really the death rate was indeed just a consequence of the initial climb that is decided by the initial number of infected most probably.


    California had a hard lock down that went later than most other why are they seeing such a large spike in cases now? Hard to tell, but many others like Stefan are trying to correlate countries and states infection trends, to when lock downs started, and then were lifted. Nothing seems to fit though (at least in California as this article claims). To be fair, I have seen other articles claiming direct correlations between lifting of a countries/states restrictions, and the beginning of it's infection rise.

    So what is the best policy to deal with these new spikes; herd immunity (let nature take it's course) or reimpose lock-downs? The first time around, the lock down proponents won over, and except for Sweden, the world shut down. Now, well into this with 6 months data to learn from, is that still the best way to go?

    The article presents both arguments as they pertain to California. Tough position for a politician (Newsom in this case) to be in. We hear it said over and over "go with the science", but what about when the science is on both sides of an issue?

  • California had a hard lock down that went later than most other why are they seeing such a large spike in cases now? Hard to tell,

    I do not know why, but I have read that experts think their case tracking is inadequate. I do not know the details.

    A lockdown which is not followed by a fully developed, effective case tracking program is a waste of time. It does no good. It only delays the exponential growth of the pandemic for a few weeks.

    I know more about case tracking in Texas and Georgia from local news sources. These are not serious efforts. I would say they are joke, except that thousands of people will die because of them.

    Case tracking in New York city had many problems in the early weeks, as described in a New York Times article I posted here. There was a lot of confusion, waste and discontent. However, despite the problems, they managed to track a large percent of the cases. Probably enough to reduce the R0 below 1. That's all that matters in the end. That's the only point of tracking. Fortunately, many of the problems in New York are being resolved.

    So what is the best policy to deal with these new spikes; herd immunity (let nature take it's course) or reimpose lock-downs?

    Herd immunity will condemn a million people to death, and many millions more to a short lifetime in nursing homes with severe disabilities from strokes and the destruction of their lungs. A lock-down should only be a last resort when all else fails. As shown in Europe, New York State and elsewhere, tracking and quarantine are the best answers with 21st century technology.

    If things get bad enough, you won't need to reimpose a lock-down. When people are being sent home from hospitals to die with their families -- as is happening in parts of Texas -- people will get scared and they will lock themselves down. Unfortunately that will destroy what is left of the economy. But that was a forgone outcome when the Trump administration decided to do nothing to slow down the pandemic, and when it decided to slow down or stop the testing by cutting funding. These policies can only lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people and the long-term destruction of countless small businesses and the economy.

  • Public swimming pools - no - the chlorinated water kills covid pretty quickly (assuming the pool is properly chlorinated). The main risk is changing rooms, lockers, door handles, etc.

    Lakes - who knows! Covid has been found now in sewage but i'd not expect a lot in lakes. Don't sue me if you go swimming there and catch it!

  • California had a hard lock down that went later than most other why are they seeing such a large spike in cases now?

    A single "meat treating" plant in Germany did see about 1300 cases originating from one super spreader that directly did transmit it within a range of 8 meters.

    We see similar effects here in Switzerland. Super spreaders visit clubs, parties and afterwards dozens of people are infected some hundreds must go into quarantine.

    Some people simply are not able to behave according social rules (read Canberra news!). Others need money and work despite being sick. May be if you are a smoker then a faint loss of taste is a daily experience not a warning for a CoV-19 infection.

    And sorry: Don't believe a mask will protect you - the infection will just be a bit milder. We did not wear masks for 5 weeks without any change in case numbers. With mask cases did raise due to opening of clubs, bars, restaurants, pools...

    Why did nobody so far investigate if a contaminated mask helps to increase the range of spreading?? Instead of one cough at one place with each breathing out the virus is spread over a huge area!

  • HCQ trial on outpatients cut from 2000 to 20 patients..

    Some people assert it is at Dr Fauci's behest


    Dr. Fauci (NAIDI Director) has effectively shut down the only RTC that could have proven the efficacy

    of #Hydroxychloroquine

    in symptomatic adult outpatients

    This study had its enrollment cut from 2000 to 20 subjects

    Just “following the science” I guess"

    "If I'm reading this right, they're claiming they couldn't get people to participate.

    It would be awfully hard to convince me that they only managed to enroll 20 people

    in the entire country if they were ACTUALLY trying to get it off the ground."

    "I keep pointing out his contradictory statements and conflicts of interest

    . He calls HCQ good studies anecdotal but promotes weak studies on Remdesivir?

    How much money did he make on the Remdesivir studies?

  • WHO Cochrane statistical analysis.

    "Targeted Update: Safety and efficacy of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for treatment of COVID-19

    Updated 17 June 2020…=6ef9e74a_1&download=true


    With regards to safety outcomes, there is very low certainty evidence that hydroxychloroquine results in
    more adverse events than standard care at day 14-28.

    The clinical relevance of this finding is unclear.

    Evidence for other safety outcomes such as serious adverse events, cardiac arrhythmia, and QT interval
    prolongation resulting in sudden death was limited and of very low certainty

  • Scott Adams on CNN culpability

    This is sound reasoning. It seems only about 1 in 50 people can come up with this type of scenario planning in their mind.

    It is the same reason that child-thinking leads to say things like "religious people are nuts and just want to believe in a God because they are weak, and want to have a meaning and not be afraid of death." Ya right, like people then were so different than you.

    Entire civilizations were moved by prophets to enlist in spiritual programs to practice moral laws that were cumbersome if not difficult and cut down on their material happiness. (Don't lie, cheat, steal, kill, gossip, deceive etc).

    Look at the data and speak. Don't invent straw-man arguments to win the argument.

    I suspect though, they will call Scott Adams a lying trumper, CNN-media-hating republican, and maybe even conspiracy theorist -- since you know that Trump like any president can't have thought of HCQ on his own, but must have some deeply smart insiders who are on his side...

  • HCQ trial on outpatients cut from 2000 to 20 patients..

    Some people assert it is at Dr Fauci's behest

    Fauci is just one head, out of some 100, of a larger mafia (FRJB) that organizes finance and power fraud in the western world. Fauci organized financing for the Wuhan lab and restarted the gain on research on China that has been stopped in the USA by Obama (2014). Fauci also recommended HCQ for SARS....But at that time his mafia friends did have no medication to sell.

    The 20+ CDC/WHO people on the Gilead pay roll are the same bad caliber as they allow Gilead to cash in excessive money from dying patients with the fringe claim that survivors pay a few $ less... These 20+ tomb raiders are way more disgusting than Fauci, that simply is a criminal.

    Why is there no outcry in the USA?? Because the average peoples education is third world like! In Japan about 70% finish high school. In the USA already regular school is barely completed on an international level. Thus the only question is: When will the white US underclass people understand that they are slaves too?? That no education is a plan to make them obeisant to the powerful?

    Let's wait for the next sell out of houses owned by CoV-19 job victims. Currently only 90% of all loans are paid according latest bank surveys. This will become much worse than sub-prime!

  • Japan Acted Like the Virus Had Gone. Now It’s Spread Everywhere.

    Well, not everywhere. Rural prefectures such as Yamaguchi and Tottori still have only a few cases (1 to 5). Still, it shows you cannot let up on this pandemic. You cannot relax. It will come back immediately.

    Apparently, many of the infections are coming from the entertainment districts. The Tokyo government announced that bars will have to close at 10 p.m. Do they think the infections cannot occur before 10 p.m.? I would shut them all down until a vaccine can be deployed. I would pay the workers who are put out of a job, since it isn't their fault. They should also stop nonsensical half-measures such as holding sumo tournaments with 1/4th of the seats filled and no shouting allowed. Just hold the matches without an audience, the way they did in the last tournament.

    Some woman consultant to the entertainment industry said the hostesses should use fans to cover their mouths instead of masks. I will grant, that is traditional.