me356: Photos of AURA control unit

  • They have a work-in-progress document on their testing plan here:…UvzHSvWM84-geOCF38pw/edit

    His objective is first, having verified, then he's going to send to an official verification body, then he's going to do a three-way replication - this is what the plan is so far - then a 100-way replication, which we have a philantropic donor that says he will fund that, and then from that bit point -- uh, you know, the greed bug might hit, but it might not [laughs] and he says the commitment has always been he would release the technology, but at that point it's everywhere so it can't be stopped, and that's the idea.

    me356 claims COP=10, and 10kW out. MFMP is right, this is trivial to test without possibility of error, as long as you use agreed and correct methodology for measuring input and output power. Basically, those figures are the Holy Grail which if validated give me356 billions and transform the world economy.

    Some sort of a control test would be important to validate these methodologies. After all, Rossi's COP=9 device that IH tested had exactly this apparent performance, but turned out to show the same performance when tested with a null reactor. I'd expect MFMP to do the same thing with their testing and if so it would be easy to get a bomb-proof whole world gets interested test. Actually the whole world would take a while, but it would happen.

    However, until such external testing happens me356 claims are highly likely wrong, and should be treated as speculation.

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    However, until such external testing happens me356 claims are highly likely wrong, and should be treated as speculation.

    I don't see any reason for doubts even without similar reports about QuarkX reactor of Andrea Rossi. As Axil noted, this video from Me356 shows the application of the stimulus at 55 second point. The video seems to vibrate when the stimulus gets applied. Immediately after then we can see, that the reactor will start to glow along whole its length...


    Now as a chemist you can start to think: which known chemical reaction would delay its starting at 1200 °C and it could be triggered with impulse, which camera can capture at distance? Such a reaction could be only faked for example with sudden introduction of oxygen into reactor filled with magnesium or titanium sponges. But providing that the reactor is already in steady-state regime and closed, then no known chemical process could explain such a weird behavior even without colorimetric measurements.

  • THH,

    The only way for someone as skeptical as yourself to be convinced is if hundreds of replications from across the planet popped up on YouTube -- many of which showed self sustaining systems with the power cord unplugged. What I've learned is that high COP without absolute 100% transparency (of every issue including all know how) doesn't mean diddly squat to the cynics. And, sadly, they are whom matter the most -- because they have the loudest voices and are the ones the media look to first. Even though in the real world adequate evidence is all that's required for extraordinary claims, the most exotic of claims won't be accepted unless the proof is so overwhelming and coming from so many directions that it would create the appearance of madness to deny it. Me356 has an amazing technology, in my opinion. But this test -- even if a control was used and other parameters changed -- won't do a darn thing to convince the skeptics. Anything less than a disclosure of a guaranteed to work "recipe" will only be another topic of endless debate that will span months while accomplishing nothing.

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    last time an inventor who would completely satisfy @thedabateisuseless criteria visited us it was 2000+ years ago. He could transmute water into wine among other things. And was completely honest and devoid of sins.

    I am thankful to people like BG who instead of finding 1000 suspicious reasons not to do anything is finding a single way how to get something done best in particular circumstances.

    Buy even the best guy we had forget to fully disclose his secrets.

  • If you notice there's not going to be a "control" reactor: another nail in the coffin of this test to the cynics before it even starts. Now, personally, I think that excess heat can be determined in a test without a dummy unit, although it is always far better to have one. But this is yet another aspect of the test that will be a huge target of cynics and skeptics.

    A cynic is someone who is "distrusting or disparaging the motives of others," or "showing contempt for accepted standards of honesty or morality by one's actions, especially by actions that exploit the scruples of others," or "bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic." You don't need to be a cynic to insist on a control in a test or experiment. This is basic science and common sense. If a control is left out, I think you are right that no one of a scientific orientation will go along with the conclusions of the test. It will only be fodder for people who are happy with unsubstantiated tidbits here and there. If a control is intentionally left out, this calls into question the inventor's understanding of previous results.

  • Great to see Brian Albiston on the team doing the test. I have confidence that MFMP will do a good test and follow up. My fear is that me356 will back out at the last minute for some personal reason.

  • Keeping the LENR tech secrets is a wise move. I would not want to get exposed to subatomic particle emissions from prolific use an untested technology. Nobody wants to test the LENR reactor for subatomic particle emissions. Even Rossi says that his reaction is based on meson and pion interactions. How do we know that these reactors are safe? It is better to be safe than sorry. Test first so we are not sorry latter.

  • @ thedebateisuseless. I thought you were done following all of this stuff and was going to get back to your life before you die alone. I mean I would be ok with that because your posts are really long and nerve racking who cares if me356 stuff works or doesn't or he tells us or not I really am not concerned with it it just would be cool to have someone like mfmp to test this I trust them and they will know if it works for sure or there is not enough to tell. if they tell without a question it is cop10 I will probably not even care about the whole subject anymore. And go get some gasoline because it is easy. For me it is more of a who can do it first and I won't lie if I found out how to do it first I would bet my wallet would tell me to shut the hell up until I had a lock down on it! We are talking about trillions of dollars here, set every relative you have up for millions of generations kind of money!

  • Jack Cole, thank you for your confidence.

    All, thank you for your criticism of the test plan so far. Your criticism will make it a better test. Based on the criticism so far, we've prioritized coming up with a suitable plan for a control run (a control run was in the test plan, but poorly fleshed out). We are investigating using a tankless domestic water heater in combination with a variac to perform a control run over the expected power output range.

    Please keep your criticism of, and suggestions for the test plan coming as it will make it a better, more robust test for the LENR community.


  • THEDEBATEISUSELESS, yes me356 says he will not release the precise information now. He has already described the process through some 500 posts and in the end concludes that it can be dangerous.

    He is not under any obligation to tell you anything so quit moaning about it, like so many naysayers on this forum.

    The important thing is for a commercial LENR reactor to appear on the market. It doesn't look like any experiment will persuade the skeptic majority. Contrary to what you think, it takes money to manufacture LENR reactors in bulk and just releasing the plans won't do that.

    If you have to bitch about something complain about how your tax dollars are spent by DOE, who still won't even look at LENR, and about the Patent Office refusing to grant patents on cold fusion ensuring that it is kept secret until it appears on the market.

  • He is not under any obligation to tell you anything so quit moaning about it, like so many naysayers on this forum. ... If you have to bitch about something complain about how your tax dollars are spent by DOE, who still won't even look at LENR, and about the Patent Office refusing to grant patents on cold fusion ensuring that it is kept secret until it appears on the market.

    Hi Adrian. You're new to this forum. I know you from Vortex, so welcome. Take your time to look around at the threads and get a sense of what this place is about. The tone here is ideally polite and collegial.

    Me356 is under no obligation to reveal his secrets. But we are under no obligation to give him a free pass. Claims made without a genuine effort to substantiate them will be critiqued, as they should be. Hopefully the collaboration between me356 and MFMP, if it comes about, will put his claims on a footing that is easier to assess.

  • Also, if I may add TBIU is going nowhere, he is my friend even though we disagree, he is just frustrated. The only way we lose people here is either BANHAMMER or they become disinterested. Sorry to be so blunt. After Rossi we should consider that anyone making claims of COP over noise ->> as just noise. We have too many good folks working on this problem. It will be cracked eventually. I may think the good doctor is a stinker but that does not reflect on what I think of LENR nor should it for you all.

  • You're new to this forum

    Hardly. Click on my avatar, but thanks for the welcome. I have found this forum sufficiently negative about LENR and Rossi in particular that "the debate is useless" applies. I don't subscribe to finding the plaintive guilty before the trial and verdict.

  • Adrian, I stand corrected about your time here. Welcome as someone who is now posting something.

    I don't subscribe to finding the plaintive guilty before the trial and verdict.

    me356 is not a plaintiff or a defendant. He is someone who has made many claims, most of them unverifiable. As has Rossi. We will surely take a look at all claims, both verifiable and unverifiable, and call them as we see them without apologies.

  • I have found this forum sufficiently negative about LENR and Rossi in particular


    I would ask you consider a possible different view.

    I do not think many here are negative about LENR at all. What most of the thoughtful posters here are, is negative against bad science and bad behavior!

    While I hope me356 does indeed have something, I cannot in good faith, "leap on the band wagon" with him as he has not really shown anything! Similar to the literally hundreds of "Over Unity Devices" that one can find on the internet! What is the common thread with these? None of them follow a solid "scientific" path to verify their "technology". This is what most here are negative towards. Not the people, but the method.

    If I had an anonymous poster making claims that if I sent him money, he had a sure fire method to double my income every 3 months, but refused to tell me how he was doing it, I would be doubtful. If then he never produced anything for others, I REALLY would be doubtful! This is the same with many of these posters.

    Compare Bob Higgins with me356. I find them completely different and one of them COMPLETELY legit! Which one do you think? :thumbup: If you read this forum, I have not found ONE negative post about Bob Higgins! Why? Because there is nothing to be negative about! He is doing true research and in a manner that deserves respect and recognition. He is not making fake customers, fake tests, fake heat exchangers, fake engineers, fake factories, fake invoices, etc. etc..

    So I do not think the vast majority of posters on this forum are anti-LENR, I think the opposite. I think however, many are tired of the LENR field being given a black eye by bad practice and even nefarious dealings.

    As far as Rossi, that case speaks for itself! By Rossi's OWN actions, he has discredited himself beyond any reasonable proclivity for trust. He has knowingly and repeatedly throughout his life, cheated, lied and deceived. He has intentionally fought against proper validation and confirmation. Just like the above financial investor, who promises great returns but never produces, the same is Rossi. By his own actions he discredits himself, not by persecution of others!

    If Rossi had a real technology he could:

    Immediately have it properly tested and gain world wide fame and recognition.

    Easily have it properly tested and become one of the wealthiest men alive.

    Easily have it properly tested and bring ALL this drama to an end once and for all!

    What does he do?

    He makes fake customers, fake factories, fake production, fake engineers, fake invoices, fake heat exchangers.....

    And he then files a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

    He could make many more millions by selling his working technology, why would he sue? Remember he brought the lawsuit stating that the 1MW plant produced COP 80 for 350 days! What a technology! Yet he now has "discarded" this for the QuarkX! Why! If it really worked it would be worth billions!

    You must ask yourself why?

  • would ask you consider a possible different view.

    Unlike most over unity schemes I consider LENR proven beyond reasonable doubt.

    I am not asking you or anybody to "jump on any bandwagon. What I object to are the libelous insults made with the same lack of proof. Wait for the proof before stating it is true or false in such concrete terms. Right now you simply do not know.

    I doubt this forum would even exist but for Rossi. Having headed engineering for three major corporations before starting a consulting company I am not surprised by the time it has taken to commercialize LENR. Nor do I underestimate the difficulties the pioneers faced, particularly with the Patent Office not allowing patents for cold fusion.

    I remain optimistic for exciting demonstrations this Summer and commercialization starting in 2018. The naysayers add nothing to the party.

    Edited once, last by Adrian Ashfield ().

  • The naysayers add nothing to the party.

    To the contrary. :) If by "naysayers" you're referring in broadbrush strokes to people who are pessimistic about Rossi, we're saving the party, despite the wishes of his enablers. (1) We're protecting the credibility of the LENR field by helping to make clear to third-party observers that Rossi's claims are well separated from those of hardworking, legitimate scientists who have been laboring in the field for years. (2) We're bringing as much information to light as we can so that this case does not become another Papp episode, where decades after the fact nobody really knows what happened. (3) We're helping to educate LENR observers on what science and invention look like; they surely do not look like whatever went down in Doral, Florida. (4) We're helping replicators to take a second look at simply following recipes of anyone who claims he has something but has not been willing to give evidence, thereby saving the time of any who will listen and encouraging them to raise the bar for claims. Obviously not everyone will listen, but perhaps some will.

    It is the people enabling unconstructive and antisocial behavior by lending support to anyone who says something that sounds good to them who risk harming the reputation of the field, and possibly attracting people willing to exploit for parasitic ends the blurred boundaries of acceptable behavior that result.

  • I dont think he was referring to people who are pessimistic about Rossi since this thread is about me356.

    I think he was reffering to people who take their believes about Rossi and project them into other people being involved in LENR ;)

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